Keep tabs on your clients' websites and domains so your services run smoothly

Whether you are managing a web agency or a freelancer growing your business, these tools are designed to help you do your job, while saving you time.

Domain List Interface
Domain List Interface

Domain Management Made Easy

Information about each of your domain names is retrieved from several sources and analyzed in a summary view. Tag, sort, and filter your list of domains to quickly review the data so that you can make decisions.

Domain List Interface
Domain List Interface

History of Your Domain Records

Each day Web Assets will review the Whois record and DNS records for any changes. A history of these changes is stored for easy review. Issues are flagged so you that can act to improve the health of your domains.

Domain Detail Interface
Domain Detail Interface

Domain Management

Everything you need to manage your domain.

Add your domains and let our system do the rest. Daily checks are made and recorded for future reference. Forget making screenshots of Whois and DNS data ever again.

Expiry Monitor

Daily notifications for expiring domains so you can act before it is too late.

Whois Monitor

The Whois record is checked daily and any changes are stored in the domain history.

DNS Monitor

Changes to DNS records are checked daily and stored in the domain history.

Manual Refresh

Running a migration and need to pull fresh data? No problem.

Domain Notes

Add notes for context about any unique DNS records or client communication.

Daily Report

Domain expirations and other flagged issues will be reported to you daily.

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Tools for Web Agencies

I've built several internal tools to help monitor thousands of our customers' assets for my web agency, Rumspeed. I'm excited to be packaging them all up into a service for you to use.

Scot Rumery

President of Rumspeed

Web Assets Lead Developer

Experienced Support Team

We're here to help.

Our team members are web developers, web designers, and digital marketers just like you. Together we have migrated over a thousand websites for our clients. As a result, we have encountered an extensive amount of issues while working with various registrars and hosting companies. Our collective experience is your technical team.

Simple no-tricks pricing.

Give it a try. No credit card required.

Domain Monitoring

Our plan pricing starts at $25 for domain management. Simply register and start monitoring your domains.

What's included

  • Whois and DNS Record History

  • Domain Expiry Monitor

  • Domain Redirects with HTTPS

  • Daily Exception Report

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Domain List Interface
Domain List Interface